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Brilliant class! Thank you! Loved the stretches and strengthening that you did with them. So nice to see a teacher giving kids good ground work for the moves they'll be doing one day.

Lana Botha - Cambridge

My daughter started acro classes today and absolutely loved it. She was kept busy throughout the whe class (compared to other places we've been where there is A LOT of standing around). The instructor explained each move and worked with the kids to ensure they knew what it is called, how to do it properly and when they will use it ie. for perfecting cartwheels etc.

Great class, definitely recommend it to any other young people who are bursting with energy and wanting to learn new skills!

Anonymous - Hamilton

We have contracted Erin to work with our Intermediate school dance troupe.  She is a whizz with choreography and uses her outstanding creativity to cut tracks and produce work that gets noticed.  Her lyrical sensitivity combined with her talent for acro produces textured, original, interesting dances.  I keep getting stopped by people all over our school campus who have seen Erin's troupe perform and are blown away!  She is one clever cookie!

Rachel Cox -Year 8 Teacher, St. Peter's School, Cambridge

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